Desert Training

'Not enough' would be the simple answer. When signing up for the event in January 2013, Feb 2014 seemed a long way off but it's quickly crept up.  I hadn't run a marathon in January and my aim back then was to get up to the distance.  Thought it might be a good idea seeing as I'd have to do 6, in the desert, back to back.  Doh! Thanks to being a regular at Pure Gym in Halifax and attending the regular Spin, running  and pump classes, I was soon fit enough to enter the Greater Manchester Read more [...]

1 month to go…

It's been a while since I posted so thought I'd some some shorter, more regular blogs in the run up to the desert race in Jordan on 16th Feb. The race has been moved to Jordan so thankfully the conditions during the day aren't as harsh as the Sahara in Egypt would have been with temperatures topping out at a manageable 10-15 degrees although night time temperatures still reach zero and we've been told there's a risk of rain or even snow.  Snow.  in the desert!! crazy.  It also means we've had Read more [...]

White Rose Ultra 30 mile Race Report

I got in the car at 6am on a cold, dark Sunday morning and thats when the realization of what I was about to let myself in for started to hit me. I’d signed up for the White Rose Ultra a few months earlier after I’d come across it on  First of all, I should explain, I've signed up for a 4Deserts race due to take place next February in the Jordan desert.  The race involves running approx 150 miles over 7 days whilst carrying all the equipment Read more [...]

Training Diary – Week 13 & Leeds Half Marathon Race Report

Monday Bank holiday here in the UK so what better to do than go for a long run!  It was forecast to be the hottest day of the year and me and Josh had planned to go for a long run after taking it pretty easy the previous day. Started off on the road and annoyingly my Garmin failed to lock onto any satellites from the start so was pretty useless.  A short mile or so on the road and we hit the trails with some nice hilly sections.  We made a small detour to climb up a small, but very steep, Read more [...]

Training Diary – Week 12

Monday Feeling really sore from the Manchester Marathon the day before.  My calves in particular were really painful from all that cramping.  Regretted not booking a days holiday although I probably would have ended up lounging around the house and not doing anything as I had done the afternoon before.  Once I'd actually managed to get down the stairs and get out of the house (no mean feat!), the walk to work actually loosened my legs up although I'd hate to see myself walking around the office Read more [...]

Training Diary – Week 11

This was the week of the Manchester marathon and you can find a special race report here. Monday Was feeling a teeny bit sore after the 8 mile run the day before but not too bad.  It was the last week before the Manchester marathon on Sunday so decided to take it easy and not do any running and start stocking up on carbs. Tuesday Again, continuing the theme of taking it easy with the usual spin class in the morning and no running.  Lots of carbs in the afternoon and starting to feel Read more [...]

Manchester Marathon 2013 Race Report

This was the day. Pre-Race Didn't have too bad a nights sleep, waking up a few times.  Up nice and early to pick Josh up and head over to Old Trafford where the start and end of the marathon was.  Not a bad day weather wise, if a little chilly with a nippy wind.  The forecast was for a strong possibility of rain but not as bad as it had been on the Saturday. Had an hour or so of wondering around waiting for the start including a fair few trips to the portaloos to get rid of some last Read more [...]

Training Diary – Week 10

Monday Didn't feel too sore after the 15 mile hilly run the day before although the left foot still continues to niggle me when walking.  Had planned on doing just the usual Pump class at the gym in the evening but got collared by Josh to do a spin class straight after as well that he was covering. With the seat off of course:-)  Felt pretty good to say I had done the run the day before. Tuesday Had originally planned on getting to the gym early doors to try and do some treadmill hill Read more [...]

Training Diary – Week 9

Monday My left foot continued to ache from the long run from week 8 to the point where I was hobbling around because it was painful to walk on.  I was kicking myself for continuing to run on it the day before and was worried I may have done some serious damage which may mean I couldn't run in the Manchester marathon at the end of April.  Thankfully, I had an appointment with Peter the osteopath later that day to get the expert opinion. Peter was his usual jovial self until I told him I had Read more [...]

Training Diary – week 8

Bit of a strange week. Monday My left foot continued to ache from the long run last week so I continued to have it taped going into Monday along with my right achilles and limited myself to the Pure Pump class.  Apparently, I looked like the 'six million dollar man' with pieces of black tape on both legs :-)  Although I wasn't sure if the tape was helping, it couldn't have done any harm. Pump class was as awesome as usual and I can feel myself getting physically stronger as the weeks Read more [...]